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Dave Kanegis
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It's April, 2014.... a great time to turn your aspirations into realities! 

Life is  organic, and flexibility is important.

Whatever your current goals, there's no time like the present to begin
the journey of self-accomplishment and change.

Perhaps it's preparing to apply to college, finding a job, or a more satisfying one, relieving stress, handling financial pressures, managing time, building healthy relationships, balancing work and home life.

It might be dealing with your elderly parents, spouse, children, a difficult work situation, or finding that one true passion that seems to elude you. 

The list is virtually limitless.

You have the ability to craft your ideal life. Of course, the first part is getting in touch with what you really want. That takes some work... but it's a worthwhile challenge and incredibly rewarding. One of the techniques I employ is Mind Acrobatics an approach designed to let you take charge of all the changes you choose to make.

As a coach, I won't change your life. You will!  I'll simply help guide you
on your journey of discovery and self mastery. 

There are no magic pills or potions, just your willingness to
explore new visions for yourself and then turn them into reality! 

My name is Dave Kanegis.  I'm the coach for people ready to make
significant change in their lives.

What You Can Expect When You Call

First and most importantly, my commitment to helping you achieve
all your goals.

Many clients can't quite put their finger on what it is they want. 
They often express it as feeling dissatisfied, confused, sad or lost.

They just know, they want more happiness out of life!

Often, they are not sure what to do! The thought of change may be
viewed with dread or great angst. Let me help. 

You'll feel at ease as you get to the root of challenges. I promise!

My greatest strengths are intuition and creativity. I use these in
the unique coaching process I call Enhanced Happiness. 

If you decide to call, you'll be able to tell within a few minutes if you
are comfortable with my style and feel that I will be able to help
you achieve your goals.

Taking That First Step

I encourage you to call.  There will be no pressure at all. 

Feel free to ask me any questions. For example you might want to
know what a session with me feels like, typical costs or about my
educational background.

When you call, the conversation will flow. I guarantee it. I'm a good
talker and an even better intuitive listener.

Together we'll explore what it is that is bringing you to Life Coaching,
and if I am the right coach for you.

On a final note, I take your coaching very seriously. You are investing
your time, money and energy, on one of the greatest quests of all.
You are seeking self enlightenment, progress and change.

Your success is my success!

Call me for a comfortable, complimentary phone consultation at:


Make sure and ask about my new book

Mind Acrobatics(TM) available in 2014

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